How SFI Works


SFI stands for “Strong Future International”. It is a division of Carson Services, Inc., headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Founded in 1985, Carson Services has a long and successful track record in the publishing and network-marketing industries.

SFI is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to earn an income online from the comfort of their home.

It’s an opportunity where you can earn $20, $50, even $100 per hour… the earning potential is really tremendous. It is a fact that thousands of affiliates from 200 countries join SFI on a daily basis. This alone proves that there is a very high demand for people wanting an opportunity that gives them more financial freedom.

Although the management team at SFI has done a very good job of providing its affiliates with many free marketing guides, aids and tips and online as well as offline marketing tools, many affiliates are left confused after joining SFI.

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How does SFI work and how you can make money with SFI

To begin with, SFI is an affiliate marketing program. So firstly, you earn commissions when your marketing efforts result in a sale. As an example, for all standard retail sales (sales to non-SFI affiliates or persons who do not reside at your same address) of SFI consumer goods, you’ll earn between 30% to 80% commissions.

SFI is also multi-level affiliate marketing program. In-built into the SFI System is a Network Builder Program, which allows you to refer other affiliates to SFI and earn commissions when their marketing efforts result in a sale.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Oh no! As you would learn later on, with the SFI System there are several other ways that you earn money, which allow you to literally explode your income.

SFI Program Details:

At the very first instance, you are going to join as a basic affiliate of this mega online business opportunity.

You will get access to your affiliate dashboard where you can find all the information about your account, membership and payment terms etc.

Moreover, you will be given free access to their special 30-day training program with all course materials and guide.

Basically, you have to concentrate on attaining next levels in the order as follows:

  1. Affiliate
  2. Executive Affiliate
  3. Bronze Team Leader (BTL)
  4. Silver Team Leader (STL)
  5. Gold Team Leader (GTL)
  6. Platinum Team Leader (PTL)

This is the last stage and position of this SFI Affiliate Marketing Business and your income level will be more than $100000+ every month.

You may have more than a thousand of active SFI affiliates who work for you from different countries across the world.

The only thing is that you have to be active and create active communication with your fellow downline members to grow your business.

Keep in touch with them frequently, contact them, guide them and be a great mentor and let them duplicate yourself.

In this business, if you make your downline members to earn revenue, your income will automatically start to grow by itself.

Join me, John Sagimo, and I'll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 22nd year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!


Before you begin to build your SFI business a very important step is developing the Right Mindset.

Actually, this applies to any business you want to start online; you have to develop the right mindset.

Many people have an attitude that “this is just something I am doing on the side to make some extra money.

This is definitely the wrong attitude. You have to take your online business very seriously. With the right attitude and right plan, the income you make from your online business can match and eventually exceed the income from your day-by-day job.

Let’s look at what is likely to happen if you don’t develop the right mindset… and this actually applies to any of your ventures to make money online:

  • You are going to continue spending hours online searching for the “easy get rich quick” ways to make money on the internet.
  • You are going to join one opportunity, but with a half-hearted attitude, you will make little effort in marketing the products, promoting the opportunity or following the system.
  • You are not going to make much money and become frustrated, and most likely come to the conclusion that the system does not work and that it’s a scam.
  • You are going to continue searching for other opportunities and end up jumping from one opportunity to other.
  • You are going to be easily influenced into spending a lot of money on courses that teach you how to make money online… you know the ones that say “you can make thousands of dollars daily… with little effort”
  • You are not going to be making any serious money
  • You are going to become frustrated and eventually, you are going to give up and that’s the end of your journey to financial freedom.

If you have been trying to make money online for some time now, then you surely can relate!

So then what should you do? What does developing the right mindset mean?

  •  Picking a proven system to make money (such as the SFI system).
  • Following the steps outlined in the system… stay focused… take action… don’t get distracted by “the next big money making opportunity”.
  • Because you are taking action, you are going to see results. Some of these results may not be favourable. Learn from them and move on. Some of the results would be favourable. Use these results as motivation and improve/increase your efforts.
  • Making some serious money online.
  • Growing your business.

Take the above to heart… because it will make the difference as to whether you succeed or fail at failure with building your online business.

Click on the link below to visit the SFI website and sign-up to become an affiliate. It is free to join.

As a SFI affiliate you will be able to access the following benefits:

  1. 30% commissions on all retail sales.
  2. Access to hundreds of exciting products and services you can promote and sell. SFI takes care of all orders, product shipments, and customer service for you at no cost.
  3. More than 20 FREE, personalized “Gateway” Websites you can use to market your products and/or the SFI business opportunity.
  4. Access to the SFI Affiliate Centre featuring hundreds of free marketing aids, powerful business tools, and valuable training resources to help you start building a global money machine.

Once you have joined SFI, you should get to know your way around and understand the SFI Affiliate Centre. Because SFI provides so much material to help you market the products learn how to build an internet business, the SFI Affiliate Centre has quite number of pages.

As a new affiliate, the following are some of more useful pages to visit:

Note: You have to be logged into the affiliate centre to access these sites

  1. Getting Started –
  2. FAQs –
  3. Glossary of Terms -
  4. Help Desk –

And don’t forget to visit the forum SFI Discussion Board - There is a tremendous wealth of information at this forum.

Now this is where the excitement starts. In order to realise the full potential of the SFI System and build an increasingly profitable internet business, you have to become an Executive Affiliate (EA).

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming An EA?
In addition to the benefits of being an affiliate. Executive Affiliates have the following benefits:

  • Double retail sale commissions. The amount of commission you get from sales increases from 30% to 60%!
  • A share of every sale and purchase from every SFI affiliate worldwide who joins SFI after you. This is referred to as the Executive Bonus and you’ll learn more about it in the AffiliateCentre.
  • Up to 56% off on SFI’s most popular products via wholesale pricing!
  • Matching VersaPoints from your downlines, this increases your share of TripleClicks executive pool, as your downline increases, your matching VersaPoints increases as well.
  • Commissions on SFI Merchant Services activity generated by your personally sponsored affiliates. Each time one of your personally sponsored affiliates participating merchants accepts a credit card for a transaction, you earn a commission!
  • Full access to SFI’s most powerful business-building tools – such as Co-op Manager, Hit Tracking, Key Codes, and more.
  • FREE group messaging. This allows you to more efficiently communicate with our sponsored affiliates and grow your business by sending messages, newsletters, tips, training articles, etc. to your organization.

Grow your downlines, SFI business is more about you the affiliates in your downlines, this is how you make money, huge money from SFI. The fact is, by simply sponsoring a few good, active SFI affiliates; you can eventually have hundreds or even THOUSANDS of affiliates and TC members putting money in your pocket from around the world…around the clock!

But that’s not even the best part. Each affiliate on your sales team has his or her own vested interest to build and KEEP ON building his or her business and income. This, of course, means YOUR income can continue and grow month after month–even when you want to take a vacation or decide to retire altogether.

Rest assured, there are few things greater than returning home from a nice vacation to find a commission check even bigger than the month before waiting in your mailbox!

Bottom line: With SFI, not only can you earn “do-it-once, get-paid-forever” residual-style income, you also can earn Leveraged Income on the sales of thousands of other affiliates! If building financial security is one of your goals, you’ve found the vehicle to do it with in SFI.

Now that you have seen and hopefully understood the plan, let’s look at your estimated earnings once the plan is implemented.

The following are just two quick estimated earnings which are taken from the SFI’s Earnings


Scenario 1

 – You sponsor 1 affiliate every month that becomes an Executive Affiliate. Each affiliate in your team sponsors 1 affiliate every month that also become an EA.

  • $36.00 per month after 6 months ($432.00/yr)
  • $110.52 per month after 12 months ($1,326.24/yr)
  • $200.16 per month after 18 months ($2,401.92/yr)
  • $315.72 per month after 24 months ($3,788.64/yr)

Scenario 2

 – You sponsor 4 affiliates every month that becomes an Executive Affiliate, but the affiliates in your team don’t sponsor any affiliates.

  • $117.00 per month after 6 months ($1,404.00/yr)
  • $225.00 per month after 12 months ($2,700.00/yr)
  • $333.00 per month after 18 months ($3,996.00/yr)
  • $441.00 per month after 24 months ($5,292.00/yr)

These are just two quick examples to demonstrate your possible earnings. You can check out the Earnings Calculator and input the relevant values to see what it would take to achieve your personal goals.


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