How To Make Money Online With PicoWorkers

Picoworkers is a website that provides online work for anybody looking to earn money and a place for employers to get small tasks done by easily hiring people from all across the globe.

How To Make Money Online With PicoWorkers?

You can get money with Picoworkers by doing numerous microtasks including viewing some websites, subscribing, following, downloading, posting, commenting, writing reviews, and more. There are simply a few social media accounts and some general requirements, depending on the positions you apply for.

The majority of tasks only take a few minutes to complete, but there are also ongoing jobs where you can apply for more sophisticated projects, but you must first get accepted. Although you may easily make 4-5 USD with just an hour or two every day on the site, the more time you spend there, the more money you make. Picoworkers functions flawlessly, and the support page is excellent!

How Can You Register on Picoworkers?

Creating an account with Picoworkers is a simple process. Just your full name, email address, and nation of residence are required.

Additionally, you must build a profile page by providing a brief bio, your nickname, and the title of the page. As soon as you confirm your email address, a $0.50 signup bonus will be applied to your Picoworkers account. Register Here

How Does Picoworkers Work?

Picoworkers is Sub divided into two sections, one for employers and one for workers. Employers post various jobs and small tasks on the site for workers to complete. Some of the most common tasks include:

  • Signing up for websites
  • Watching YouTube videos
  • Liking Facebook pages
  • Following social media accounts

How Can I Withdraw Money From Picoworkers?

The minimum payout is 5 usd and they have 5 options: amazon gift card, US Bank Cheque (via mail), Crypto Currency, Paypal and

Those who want mobile money transfer option can do so by linking their paypal account with Mpesa

The payout usually take up to 10 days and to make withdrawal is very simple because it is a big button called withdraw, which you cannot miss!!

Advantages Of Picoworkers

  1. Free to join – Picoworkers is a free to join site. Furthermore, the platform accepts applicants from all geographical locations. (No restriction on membership)
  2. Sign up Bonus – You will receive a $0.50 sign up bonus after completing the registration process. It’s not very much of course, but it’s at least an incentive for anyone seeking to make money online.
  3. Availability of jobs – Picoworkers offers plenty of jobs at any given time. Furthermore, these jobs are easy to do and their availability is not pegged on geographical location
  4. Multiple payment options – This company offers multiple payment options, ranging from Amazon gift cards to digital coins. You can also request for cash payments via PayPal or Payza.
  5. Referral Program – Picoworkers runs an affiliate program that pays you 5% of every deposit your referral makes, and 5% of your referrals’ lifetime earnings

Downside Of Picoworkers

  1. Complexity in Withdrawal – The process of making a withdrawal is so complicated and takes a very long time.
  2. High transaction fees – Picoworkers charges high transaction fees on every withdrawal transaction.
  3. Low-income potential – The income potential of this site is very low. Most tasks pay as low as 2 cents!
  4. Payment issues – According to various reviews available online, some members have complained about not receiving payments two months down the line
  5. Poor support services – According to some members, the support services on this platform are very poor. You may end up not receiving help even on urgent issues.

So, Is Picoworkers Legit?

Yes presently there is no doubt that Picoworkers offers a real opportunity to earn cash online in exchange for carrying out micro tasking. You can register here for free

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