How To Rank Your Videos To The Top of YouTube Using Engaged Hits

Engaged Hits is a unique web traffic service that runs on a piece of software called MINGLE. Mingle conceives unique users that will help you to rise up the ranks on search driven sites like Google, YouTube,SoundCloud, Amazon, Ebay and more. Best of all? It’s completely free.

In real sense it is a Youtube exchange platform where users watch other videos in return to having other users watch their own videos. Not only watching videos, but performing Youtube searches with the keywords you provide, liking, commenting, subscribing and more.

Want to rise up in the searches on YouTube?

Engaged Hits drives the most authentic, real Youtube users to your video. Users that behave so naturally you won’t be able to tell the difference between organic traffic and Engaged Hits traffic.

  • Real users perform Youtube searches with your desired keywords thus boosting your Click Thru Rate (CTR).
  • These users will watch your entire video
  • These users will subscribe, like and/or leave comments that you provide

For too long the metrics of Youtube searches have been balanced AGAINST you, if you’re not on page one, it’s hard to be found. Time for a change.

competitionSo, are you a small business competing against much bigger businesses for Youtube Ranking? Time To RISE UP

music riseup engaged htsAre you a Musician on Youtube trying to find your audience?
Making videos on YouTube and want them to be seen by more people than ever before?

How To Make Your First Campaign on Engaged Hits

First you need to visit engaged sites here. Then register for free by following simple instructions

Step 1: Create New Campaign

Create Campaign

To create a campaign, first click on ‘Campaign’ from the top menu. Then select ‘Create New Campaign’ from the drop down menu.

create campaign2

Copy and paste your Youtube video url and then click on the ‘Next’ button. If you are unclear at any stage of your campaign set up, please hover over the orange question marks for guidance.

Step 2: Enter Video Views and Duration You Want

step2 video views

Choose the total number of video plays you want as a cap.Then select the minimum and maximum time amounts you want your video viewed and users will be randomly assigned a time within that time period.

video likes

Proceed and select your designed likes to views ratio. 4% is recommended. Then select your designed comments to views ratio. 0.4% is recommended.


Once you select the percentage of comments you design, the
above screen will appear. You have two choices how to add comments.
Please read the orange icon on this one specifically. If you decide
to upload comments vs a csv file, put one comment per row.


Be sure to view the orange icon here. Make sure the three fields
combined total 100% like you see in the example. If you choose ‘Search on Youtube’ then you will see an option to enter your keywords. Make sure they all total 100% like in the example you see.

Step 3: Add Your Youtube Channel

If you want subscribers, you need to add your Youtube channel.
From the ‘Campaigns’ menu you’ll be able to access the green
button to add your channel.

Engagehits Youtube channel

Be sure to add your channel and not a video. The word ‘channel’
will be in the url like you see. And put how many subscribers you
wish to have.

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