Top 10 Best Shipping Agents From China To Kenya

In this article we will focus on the Top 10 Best Shipping Agents From China To Kenya that you can consider using just in case you want to move goods or cargo from China to Kenya, either by sea or any other relevant means available.

China and Kenya are important trade partners with Kenya being one of the biggest African markets for products from China. A lot of goods are imported from China on almost a daily basis.

Best Shipping Agents From China To Kenya

It can be challenging to make an informed decision, particularly if you are shipping to Kenya from China for the first time, given the proliferation of shipping businesses that assist Kenyans in exporting goods from China.

Which shipping firm is currently offering the best rates from China to Kenya?

Well, there are quite a number of excellent Cargo shippers from China to Kenya – and a good number can handle big loads

Find out which shipping company is the Best Shipping Agents From China To Kenya by reading this article. You can also find out about other shipping firms that are available for use at any time.

1. DFH Logistics

DFH Logistics provides an array of freight services that ensure timely dispatch of goods between Kenya and China. They offer services such as pickup and delivery, free warehouse and distribution, container loading supervision service, cargo insurance, custom insurance, customs clearance, competitive freight and professional documentation.

They will pick the cargo from your given address and transport it to the port of your choice for its onward shipment. They can pick from any factory or warehouse situated in China and deliver to the nearest port or where you instruct us to deliver the goods.

2. Nurex Cargo

Nurex Cargo offers air freight, sea freight, road transport, multi-modal freight, pick up and delivery services from various worldwide destinations to Kenya.

3. Golden Gate Cargo Services Ltd

Golden Gate Cargo Services Ltd., incorporated in Kenya in 2007, is a logistic services company with its head office in Nairobi and branches in Mombasa and Eldoret. Our sea freight services include; Less Container Load (LCL) shipments and Full Container (FCL) shipments.

The company offers cargo logistics solutions, clearing and forwarding of all types of cargo, local transportation and goods delivery services. With over 20 years of experience in clearing and forwarding all kinds of cargo including household items, mercantile and diplomatic mails, and contract cargo from all over the world to Kenya at very competitive rates, we’ve succeeded in clearing and forwarding all sorts of air and sea cargo.

4. Rolling Cargo

Rolling Cargo is an established international air and sea freight forwarder with over 15 successful years of trusted and verified expertise.

With the backing of 200 experienced and professionally trained staff and the excellent relationship with carriers, customs, terminals, and other local authorities. They offer a wide range of air and sea freight services to Kenya, with a primary focus on reliability and communication that our customers can depend upon.

5. Aquantuo

With their global logistics network, they provide reliable transportation solutions to your destination. Theye handle everything from customs clearance to documentation for safe, on-time delivery.

Aquantuo has offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, Dubai, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Zambia, DRC, and Tanzania, supported by a global network of affiliates. Whether you’re based locally or internationally, They’re committed to providing you with exceptional service and support.

6. Air Cargo Global

Air Cargo Global started off with one office in the UK and have since opened offices in the US, Kenya, Somalia, Turkey, Italy, China and South Korea. They provide fast, secure, cost-effective and custom services for all your personal and commercial cargo needs to any destination in the world.

This is made possible by utilising their vast logistics network, backed up by a team of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing you with superior services.

7. Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency

Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency is a freight forwarder with headquarters in Kenya. Their specialty is provision of Air and Sea freight from around the world to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

They operate full charter flights on a weekly basis from Dubai to Eldoret International Airport, Kenya and sea freight to the port town of Mombasa.

8. Basenton Logistics

Basenton Logistics are a company that provides professional and perfect international logistics service and also deal with a wide ranges of freight forwarding services. Basenton has rich experience to operate the shipping goods from China to Mombasa or any other cities in Kenya

Their high quality services are not only limited to import and shipping from China to Kenya but also extends to pick up, documentation, packaging, loading, unloading, customer clearance, warehousing, consolidating and many more.

9. Bansar

Bansar has rich experience to operate the shipping goods from China to Mombasa or any other cities in Kenya, Besides the good service and competitive rates, Bansar can assist shipper to provide the COC certificate to the importer to finish the customs clearance successfully.

Bansar can also provide very competitive ocean freight to their customer, and can get the stable space from shipping line company, especially with COSCO, CMA, besides these, many mix shipping goods loading in the container, they can do the customs clearance professionally in China.

10. Afrigate Cargo & Clearing Services Limited

Founded in 2015, Afrigate Cargo and Clearing Services Limited have been one of the trusted cargo companies in Kenya. It is because of their pure commitment, excellent support, and quality services that make them the top choice in the shipping industry.

The company is a logistics solutions provider for all your air and sea freight needs from China to Kenya. They organise weekly flights, offer free warehousing and free delivery right at your doorstep.

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