How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing is a very interesting experience. First of all, Affiliate marketing helps you earn money online by promoting other people’s products and services. It is a great way to generate passive income after the initial effort of getting people to see your affiliate offers.

Based on experience, I know that beginners find it difficult to understand how to make money from affiliate marketing. There are so many resources on the Internet about the topic and people making all types of claims (how to make money while you sleep with affiliate marketing – is a popular one), which creates a big confusion.

In this article, I’ll give you the exact steps to follow to succeed with affiliate marketing and start making moneyespecially here in Kenya. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme though and it won’t happen overnight but for sure it’s the best approach and it works. 30% of the income generated from this blog is coming from affiliate marketing revenue and is increasing steadily year by year.

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

In this blog, I write articles about online business stuff like affiliate marketing, drop shipping and web hosting. I show people how to make money online and share my affiliate links with them.

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1. Find Your Niche

Once you find a niche with high demand, little supply (do your Google research), and a reputable affiliate with high commissions… and you have patience to wait for financial results while creating your assets (I’m talking about content), you should take the leap!

2. Create a Content-Rich Website

You can earn money with affiliate marketing by directing people to the goods and services they require.

Some affiliates share products with potential customers on their social media profiles or YouTube channels. However, having your own website is the most popular (and efficient) approach to draw attention to your affiliate products.

3. Get Targeted Traffic From Google

As you pimp your website with high-quality content, you’ll need to devise a strategy for driving people to your site to click your affiliate links and ultimately make purchases.

There are several ways I use to get visitors to my site. The best of these traffic sources is search traffic from Google and other search engines. The reason organic traffic from Google is so valuable, is because it allows you to focus on a highly targeted group of people.

You ultimately need people to make purchases if you want to earn any money so you don’t want random or uninterested people on your site.

With Google Search, you know exactly what someone is looking for, and can create content that targets the people that are interested in your products.

Also Keep in mind, that not all keywords are the same. While you want to target search terms with high search volume, you also want to ensure that the keywords have purchase intent and are not just general search queries.

4. Promote Products People Are Looking To Buy

After you’ve have narrowed down on good keyword targets, your next focus is to choose the products you want to promote.

The first is to promote affiliate products with consistent demand based on your niche. The thought behind this is simple. You need to promote products that people are actually searching for if you hope to generate sales from your marketing efforts.

When you are creating your plan to get targeted traffic, you will naturally get an idea of the types of products people are searching for. The process will also expose you to specific solutions and brands so that you know the top options in your niche.

While looking for products with an active interest, keep an eye on the level of competition in the niche. The more competitive the keywords are for certain types of products, the harder it will be for you to rank and drive traffic to your site.

The ideal balance is products with strong demand and a manageable amount of competition.

One way to understand the demand for a particular niche is to use Google Trends. With the platform, you can see how interest in specific keywords and topics is changing over time.

5. Promote Products That Sell

You must promote products that sell in addition to actively searched-for products. This refers to promoting goods that have a high conversion rate. The percentage of people who actually make a purchase after seeing your products is measured by a metric called conversion rate. A high conversion rate means you are drawing maximum value from your web traffic.

Start your hunt for high-converting products by figuring out which market-leading solutions exist. The performance of high-quality goods from reliable manufacturers will always be superior than that of inferior goods.

Price is another important factor that you’ll need to consider. Generally, lower-priced products convert at a higher rate than more expensive ones.

How well a product transforms will also depend on its nature. Expect greater conversion rates if you highlight commodities. On the other hand, you can see lesser conversions if you offer high consideration products that customers want to carefully examine before making a choice.

6. Promote Products With High Affiliate Commissions

You can use affiliate marketing to make money if you offer high-converting products, but it’s also crucial to promote goods with large commission rates. You’ll need fewer sales to reach your earning targets if you receive greater commissions on each order.

Let’s take a look at this example;

First, you advertise consumer goods from Amazon or Jumia that range in price from $10 to $20. You will receive between $0.50 and $1 each sale through the affiliate program, which pays a commission of 5% on each sale.

If you were to convert 10% of your traffic, it would take 10 visitors to make $1 and 1,000 visitors to make $100. Now compare this to an affiliate program where you promote a $100 product and earn 50% or $50 per sale.

With this promotion, $100 can be earned with just two sales. This indicates that if 1% of your traffic converted, it would only take 200 visitors to generate $100.

7. Lastly, Optimize Your Affiliate Links To Get More Clicks

Using affiliate links, you can get paid for purchases. The affiliate merchant will credit you with the sale and pay you the relevant compensation in accordance with the program terms when a consumer purchases an affiliate product after clicking your link.

So, the best products won’t do much good if no one clicks your affiliate links. This is why it is important to optimize your link placements to maximize the number of people that click them.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should throw links anywhere and everywhere throughout your content. You only want to add links where they are appropriate and shouldn’t include them when they don’t fit into your content.

Adding too many links can negatively impact the user experience which in turn can lead to lost sales.

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